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Curator's tour

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Paintings Gallery
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Schillerplatz 3, 1st floor
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1010 Vienna

Sabine Folie, Director Art Collections, Claudia Koch, Head of the Paintings Gallery Collection, will guide you through the exhibition Considering the Collection & King Vulture An Insert by Willem de Rooij

Considering the Collection & King Vulture An Insert by Willem de Rooij

In the new format Considering the Collection & An Insert by ..., contemporary artists take a look at the collection and present statements in separate exhibition rooms / sections of the Paintings Gallery on various aspects of works from the Art Collections or themes that arise from the Academy and the Paintings Gallery, both as a location and as a museum. These contributions are to be seen from the point of view of a critical statement resulting from our present-day perspective on history and historical collections in general. The statements feature as inserts into the respective constellations of the temporary exhibition collection, i. e. with varying areas of emphasis. The Dutch artist Willem de Rooij has been invited to get the series underway.

Considering the Collection

Under the motto Considering the Collection, the inventories that make up the Paintings Gallery collection are to be showcased more extensively once again, following their return to Schillerplatz, and presented as part of a new assembly based on aspects such as genre and theme. In a direct juxtaposition and a deliberate mix of works from different schools of painting and artistic landscapes, similarities and differences are equally and instantaneously revealed. After the first section curated by Sabine Folie, the starting point of which is the prominent collection of 17th century Dutch paintings (and also by way of introduction to Willem de Rooij’s Insert with its focus on Dutch still life and animal painting), the paintings of the Romance-speaking world are another focal point in the subsequent new presentation of all the schools featured in the collection of the Paintings Gallery

Limited number of participants, registration required at +43 1 588 16 2401 or

Cost: 3 Euro p. p. (excl. admission)

Opening hours
Daily except Monday
10–18 h

T +43 1 588 16 2201
F +43 1 588 16 2299