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Association Cards for Living in Ruins

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The Willful Weeds Research Group (represented by Anette Baldauf, Sílvia das Fadas, Ipek Hamzaoğlu, Janine Jembere and Rojda Tuğrul)

Which stories do we want to tell or listen to when transnational extractivism, new forms of war and neo-fascist politics expand dramatically around the globe? Can we facilitate a storytelling that envisions futurities propelled by forces of indignation, desire, new kinds of relationally, and epistemic disobedience? We, the Willful Weeds Research Group, would like to invite you to play the “Association Cards for Living in Ruins” in relation to the exhibition Hungry for Times by Raqs Media Collective. This invitation is but a humble proposal to imagine worlds blossoming from the ruins in this time of dispossession.

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Meeting-ID: 973 2979 6317 Kenncode: 380057

Number of participants unlimited, free of admission.