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Joost Meuwissen

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Professor of Urbanism

© Joost Meuwissen
© Joost Meuwissen

Born 1950 in Breda, Netherlands

1978 Architectural studies at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands | 1988 Ph.D. at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Professional Record (selection)
1995-2000 Partner in the One Architecture office in Amsterdam, Netherlands | since 2001 Independent architect in Amsterdam, Netherlands | since 1986 Editor-in-chief of the Wiederhall Architectural Serial | 1996-1997 Austrian Contactman for the preparation of the European Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Building | 2000-2002 Advisor of the Graz Municipal Urban Development Agency | 2000-2002 Head of the Institute of Urbanism and Environmental Design at Graz University of Technololy, Austria | Numerous lectures in Europe and the USA, critical writings and contributions to architectural publications, recently: Örbanism texte aus österreich approaches to urbanism in austria . Edited by Elise Feiersinger, Joost Meuwissen and Heidi Pretterhofer, translated by Emma Vincent, Johannes Fiedler and ArchTrans (Edition Selene, Vienna 2002)

Teaching (selection)
1980-1985 Research Assistent at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands | 1992-1995 Associate Professor of Gebäudelehre at Karlsruhe University, Germany | 1995- 2002 Professor of Urbanism and Design at Graz University of Technology, Dept of Architecture, Austria | Guest lectures at the universities of Rotterdam, Zurich, Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo, Trondheim, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Groningen, Vienna, Utrecht, Berlin, Linz, Bonn, and Hamburg | since 1 Oct 2002 Professor for Urbanism at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Projects and Competitions (selection)
1996 Salzburg ASK/Stiegl area invited competition, 1st prize | 1998 Building on Dikes competition (with Noël van Dooren), 2nd prize | 1998 Judenburg-West invited competition | 1999 Krimpen a/d IJssel Town Hall Square invited competition (with Berend Strik), 1st prize | 1999 Santiago de Compostela City of Culture invited competition (with O.M.A.) | 1999 Extension of a villa near Eindhoven | 2000 Neanderthal invited competition (with Noël van Dooren) | 2001 Office interior in the former Philips headquarters at the Emmasingel, Eindhoven, Netherlands | 2001-2002 Rabin Square Peace Forum competition at Tel Aviv, one of the 1st prizes

Papers presented
1990 at the Context & Modernity Conference, Delft, Netherlands | 1991 at the Giorgio Grassi Seminar, Delft, Netherlands | 1994 at the Point City Masterclass at the Berlage Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands | 1994 at the Bliss Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands | 1996 at the Stadt mbH Symposium at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria | 1997 at the After Vinex Symposium, Delft, Netherlands | 1997 at the AnyHow Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands | 1997 at the Dutch Style? Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands | 1998 at the Art Node Symposium on Gilles Deleuze, Stockholm, Sweden | 1998 at the URBAN Conference Graz, Austria | 1999 at the Ethics in Architecture EAAE Workshop, Aarhus | 2001 at the LifeScapes Symposium, Vienna, Austria | 2002 at the What ever happened to functionalism? series of lectures, Delft, Netherlands

October 2002