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Aesthetics and the Sociology of Art | Prof. Dr. Eric Alliez The first tri-lingual and xhtml-validated homepage within the Academy

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Homepage of Aesthetics and the Sociology of Art

This site, which first appeared on the net in June 2001, has now had its backbone translated into french and german.
This development is a response to the international complexion of the work done by this chair. Essays and other material relevant to the activities of the Ordinariat for Aesthetics and the Sociology of Art, including texts and art work by students of the Academy, texts by Prof. Alliez, and texts from international participants in events organized by the chair, are all online.
An additional aspect of this site is to promote within an academic context the idea of the internet as a public space not only from the point of view of consumption, but also from that of production. To this end the site is validated in xhtml- and css-code, corresponding to the open standards of the W3-Consortium.

This homepage could not have been created without the use of the following pages:

- the SELFhtml-pages by Stefan Münz
- the W3C MarkUp Validation Service
- the W3C CSS Validation Service
- the opensource graphics programme GIMP