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New graphic appearance of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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With the implementation of the new University Law 2002, a new period in the Academy's 300-year history has been rung in. Being granted full legal capacity required a new awareness regarding the development of a profile in terms of content, organization, and economic management. This measure, which actually implied an upgrading of the institution, should also be communicated to the general public formally by a uniform and lucid graphic design. This is why Rector Schmidt-Wulffen initiated a graphic competition aimed at finding a new corporate design. This competition was won by Novamondo Design with a clear majority in an in-house voting.

Novamondo Design are specialized in the development of visual communication processes. Their creative capacities are focused on the conception and realization of high-quality corporate and interface design solutions. The offices of this new company founded two years ago are located in Mainz and Berlin. Together with the information scientist Matthias Gau, the graduated designers Bastian Köhler and Christian Schlimok work on innovative design concepts in project-oriented teams. After having completed their work for the visual presentation of the 3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art, Novamondo Design has now taken on another major challenge with the development and implementation of the new appearance of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

An overall concept regulating the use of logo, colors, and typography for all internal and external forms of communication was prepared to establish a general corporate design in all areas of the Academy's visual presence. The job profile included the development of a new logo and a new typography for all printed matter.