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100 best posters: Academy poster series for the relocation was being awarded!

The poster series designed by Beton Studio in the new corporate design for the relocation to Schillerplatz was chosen in the competition as one of the "100 best posters" in the German-speaking countries.

By country, the 100 award-winning posters and poster series are divided into 39 x Germany, 54 x Switzerland and 7 x Austria - 79 x category A (commissioned work), 4 x B (in-house commissions) and 17 x C (student project commissions). 540 entrants took part in the competition with a total of 2,008 posters (888 individual posters, 325 series). The jury with Christian Hoffelner (A-Vienna), Radovan Jenko (SI-Ljubljana), Larissa Kasper, Kasper-Florio (CH-St.Gallen), Denis Olgac, Sucuk und Bratwurst (D-Berlin) and Susanne Stahl, Stahl R (D-Berlin) first made an online pre-selection as usual. At the final jury meeting, chaired by Susanne Stahl, 362 posters (259 individual posters and 103 series) were submitted by 227 entrants. The pleasing final selection is now available.

The traditional kick-off exhibition at the Kulturforum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, is scheduled for June 23, 2022. This will be followed by a tour of exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Korea and other locations. The exact date of the exhibition in Vienna in the fall will be announced online. The yearbook 100 Best Posters 2022 with all winning motifs will be published in cooperation with the publishing house Kettler.
The entirety of all motifs and submissions will be published by the organizer to coincide with the opening of the inaugural exhibition in June 2022.

We congratulate Beton Studio and are happy about the award!

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