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Academy website with new visual appearance!

Clear, simple and intuitive to use. This is how the online presence of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna now appears.

Implemented by a project team consisting of staff from the Public Relations Office (BfÖ) and the Academy's Central IT Service (ZID), supported by external professionals, the website is now not only visually up-to-date and adapted to the Academy's visual image, but also state-of-the-art in terms of accessibility and responsive design. Thus, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna can finally visualise and communicate its teaching offers, programmes and contents on the website in accordance with its principles of equal treatment and diversity.

Graphic appearance and underlying technology

The design and concept of the website, created by Studio Beton together with Florian Wachmann, is technically based on Plone 6, updated and implemented by ZID together with Klein & Partner. This means that the content management system is now also up to date. The data migration was automated by ZID. Thus, almost all contents of the previous website could be transferred to the current one. From the ZID team, Gogo Bernhard (development, data migration and interfaces), Michael Genner (requirements management, testing, training, documentation) and Alexander Steinbichler (IT infrastructure) contributed significantly to the implementation.

On the editorial side, Linda Kloesel, supported by Vanessa Wolf, was responsible for the comprehensive preparation and restructuring of the content, especially in the area of navigation, input of the new data as well as preparation, testing and revision of the migration.

The website project has been set up, planned and managed since spring 2021 by Barbara Unger, Head of the Central IT Service (until 31.3.2022) and Michaela Zach, Head of Public Relations, on behalf of the Rector Johan Hartle.

The project team asks for your feedback at , the feedback will be collected at this address and forwarded to the responsible colleagues depending on the topic addressed.

Project "Website New (Phase 1)

Project management: Barbara Unger (ZID until 31.3.2022) and Michaela Zach (BfÖ)

Project team: Philipp Auersperg (Bluedynamics), Christine Baumgartner (Klein & Partner), Gogo Bernhard (ZID), Maik Derstappen (derico - web development & consulting), Michael Genner (ZID), Peter Holzer (agitator weblösungen),, Jens Klein (Klein & Partner), Linda Klösel (BfÖ), Alexander Steinbichler (ZID), Barbara Unger (ZID), Florian C.Wachmann (formfcw), Vanessa Wolf (BfÖ), Michaela Zach (BfÖ)

Editors of the test team: Stephanie Damianitsch (Department Contemporary Exhibitions), Christina Fasching (SWC), Michael Genner (ZID), Linda Klösel (BfÖ), David Mitterhuber (Bibliothek), Julia Preisker (KSF), Paul Reiter (KSF), Evamaria Trischak, Vanessa Wolf (BfÖ)