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Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft builds sustainable book depository for Viennese universities

The architectural competition has been decided - the new building for 130,000 linear metres of books will be a particularly climate-friendly timber hybrid building.

"The book depository is an exemplary project for well-coordinated university cooperation. It shows how, in a heterogeneous university landscape, different partner institutions create ideal conditions for a common goal: Space for education, the long-term preservation of knowledge and easy, centrally organized access to it for future generations," says Werner Skvara, Vice Rector for Infrastructure and Sustainability at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Around 12,000 m² will house books by the libraries of the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Federal Geological Institute. The investment costs, including furnishing and relocation, amount to 37.8 million euros.