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Johan F. Hartle re-elected as rector

The University Council and the Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna have re-elected the current Rector Johan F. Hartle for a second term. The Rector's second term will begin in October 2023 and last four years until the end of September 2027.

The University Act 2002 provides that re-election of the current rector is possible without a call for nominations if the Senate and the University Council agree.
With the required majority the Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna approved the reappointment of the Rector Dr. Johan F. Hartle according to § 23b, para.1 UG 2002 at his request in the 26th session of the 7th Senate on April 5, 2022.

At its meeting on June 10, 2022, the University Council reappointed Dr. Johan F. Hartle as of 1.10.2023. It thus followed the recommendation of the Senate and looks forward to working with the Rector and the successful further development of the Academy.

Johan F. Hartle accepts his reappointment as rector “at this multifaceted institution with great pleasure" and would like to "further develop the Academy in regards of her infrastructure and her international profile in the coming years”. Rector Hartles concerns are "the active linking of teaching, research and exhibiting" and that "the academy, together with its students and staff, helps to shape public discourse and the conditions under which we work and live”.