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Statement on Ukraine and collection of links to support services

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is deeply shocked by the war of aggression in Ukraine that has been launched by the Russian military in recent days.

We are very concerned about the aggressive expansionist rhetoric used by Wladimir Putin, which contains numerous threats to democratic societies. Regarding our colleagues in Ukraine and Russia, we express our support for those individuals and civil society institutions that oppose the war.

The Academy stands for lively political discourse, democracy, tolerance, freedom and cultural diversity as well as for peaceful coexistence. We bring together people from numerous countries with different political experiences in artistic work, research and teaching. Such work of differentiation is particularly important in times of war and threatening militarisation. We strictly oppose any nationalist division this war may bring to society. Our solidarity goes out to the entire civilian population in the war zones.

Senate, University Council, Rectorate and Student’s Union of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


The Academy particularly addresses all affected students, to whom we offer help in administrative matters with psychosocial support and, where possible, also financially. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need administrative or financial support.

We would particularly like to draw your attention to the Academy's Temporary Financial Aid. You can find this and other offers of help here:

The Academy has set up the Mental Health Fund to deal with precarious situations, crises, problems or conflicts, uncertainties and fears, also with regard to shaping the future, more information can be found at

Psychosocial counseling for students and employees of the Academy
Being in danger or worrying yourself is an extreme psychological burden. We would therefore like to point out the possibility of our free psychosocial counselling to all people who are suffering from particular stress due to the current situation. You can reach the counselling service as follows:
Elisabeth Höchtl-Wallner at +43 664 80887-1106
Alexander Parte at +43 664 80887-1107

Further Information is to be found at

Help for Ukrainians in Austria
Those affected from Ukraine can get help from the hotline of the Ministry of the Interior at +43 1 2676 870 9460.

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) offers free online language courses for displaced Ukrainians at beginner level, every day starting at 11 am.
Dates and topics at

Special services by ÖIF for Ukrainian refugees (including Corona consultation hours with interpreting) can be found at
For inquiries about initial orientation in Austria there is a hotline or WhatsApp info service (+43 1 715 10 51 - 120) and an info service on Viber (+43 676 843 960 108).

The platform Vitalʹnya Vienna (вітальня відень), translated as "Living Room Vienna”, invites artists and cultural workers from Ukraine to present their work, and network within and with the Viennese art and culture scene:

Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian Artists
coordination office for ukrainian cultural workers

Information concerning Erasmus and exchange programs
The OEAD (Agency for Education and Internationalization) informs about Erasmus, exchange programs and FAQ related to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia

Call Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities (JESH)
Austrian Academy of Sciences is offering an emergency call for applications from Ukrainian researchers as part of its academic mobility programme “Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities”

The following initiatives by the ÖAW, FWF, ÖAD exist to support scientists of different qualification levels:

The Special Scholarship Program Ernst Mach-Ukraine supports Ukrainian students in continuing their studies in Austria

The information platform bundles information for students and researchers from Ukraine as well as for Austrian universities.

The University of Innsbruck is organizing an Austrian-Ukrainian Summer School of 2 weeks in July in Innsbruck, offering German, Ukrainian and Russian language courses as well as cultural and leisure program. Application until 24th May 2022, detailed information via


Exemption for voluntary work for employees of the Academy
Employees who voluntarily support a recognized aid organization in the context of the current crisis, the Academy grants a leave of absence of up to two working days with continued payment, under the following conditions:

    • only after prior consultation with- and demonstrable approval by- the department or institute management
    • the absence is not in the way of operational necessities (no cancellation of teaching classes, etc.)
    • submission of proof of a recognized aid organization (e.g. Rotes Kreuz, Samariterbund, Caritas, Volkshilfe, Hilfswerk etc.)
    • the assignment takes place exclusively on the territory of the Republic of Austria
    • notification with the “Sonderurlaubsformular” (special leave form) with the note „Freistellung für Freiwilligenarbeit. Ukraine“ (Absence for Voluntary Work. Ukraine)

      Anyone who has accommodation to offer for refugees can contact the coordination office of the Ministry of the Interior at

      Many children flee alone or mostly with their mothers to seek protection from war. Some refugees have already arrived in Austria. For this reason, we are looking for people and families who can accommodate children (possibly with a parent). If you can offer free accommodation, please contact at

      Material donations
      The government coordinates government disaster relief efforts and informs response organizations of available relief supplies. If you would like to provide donations in kind, please contact

      Monetary donations to recognized aid organizations

      • Caritas : IBAN: AT23 2011 1000 0123 4560 (Keyword: Soforthilfe Ukraine) or online
      • SOS-Kinderdorf: IBAN: AT62 1600 0001 0117 3240 (Keyword: Ukraine) or online
      • Ärzte ohne Grenzen: IBAN: AT43 2011 1289 2684 7600 or online
      • Volkshilfe: IBAN: AT77 6000 0000 0174 0400 (Keyword: Nothilfe Ukraine) or online
      • Rotes Kreuz: IBAN: AT57 2011 1400 1440 0144 (Keyword: Ukraine – Hilfe für Menschen im Konflikt ) or online
      • Nachbar in Not: IBAN: AT21 2011 1400 4004 4003 (Keyword: Hilfe für die Ukraine) or online

      An overview of further support options can be found at

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