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Admission examination Conservation and Restoration for the academic year 2023/2024

Online Registration 09.-31.01.2023:

The Conservation and Restoration program at the IKR at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is a 10-semester diploma program (300 ECTS). Teaching Language is German and German language competency B2 is required before admission, cf.

The entrance examination takes place once a year. Applicants must first register online and can then upload a digital portfolio. After the evaluation of the submitted work (portfolio) by the examination board, the admission to the examination will be announced (cf. Infoblatt Zulassungsprüfung).

Please note, that with the admission examination the field of specialization (studio) is determined; during the study program it is not possible to change field of specialization (studio). The following majors (field of specialization, studio) are offered:

a) Conservation - Restoration of Paintings / Sculptures

b) Conservation - Restoration of Objects - Focus on Wood//historic musical instruments

c) Conservation - Restoration of Paper / Photographs / Books / Archive Material

d) Conservation - Restoration of Mural Paintings / Architectural Surfaces

e) Conservation - Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Art

Online registration & portfolio upload: January 2023 (09.-31.01.2023)

Notification of admission to the exam: early Feb. 2023 (06.02.2023)

Online registration and portfolio upload are now open: