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Amendment of the University Act

Two major items change with the amendment to the University Act: Cancellation of the extended deadline for continuation registration/inscription and Recognition of achievements.

Cancellation of the extended deadline for continuation registration/inscription

Due to the nationwide unification of the deadlines for the continuing student registrations, the extended deadline will no longer exist. This means that in future you will only be able to register by:

  • 31 October (winter semester) and
  • 31 March (summer semester)

A continuation registration/inscription for the coming summer semester 2023 is possible from 13 February. All students who are enrolled can register for the lectures offered in AkademieOnline from 20 February. The semester begins on 1 March 2023.

Continuation registrations can be made digitally in AkademieOnline. All relevant dates are available on our website:

Recognition of achievements

The amendment of the University Act (“Universitätsgesetz”) also resulted in a change regarding the recognition* of prior studies and competencies acquired outside of the university. This means that since 1 October 2022, recognition (of any kind) is only possible in the first two semesters after enrolment.

There is a transitional arrangement for students already enrolled until the summer semester of 2023. This means that recognition of achievements can only be applied for, processed and decided upon in the coming summer semester of 2023. Please submit your application by March/April 2023 at the latest! Recognitions through mobility programs remain unchanged.

What can be applied for recognition, what evidence is required, as well as further information can be found on our website at:

*A Recognition of Achievement replaces the course corresponding to a curriculum at the Academy as if it had been taken at the Academy.

Further relevant study information

All information about your studies is available on our website. All essential information about the fields of study, general study information, admission exams, dates, etc. can be found under the menu item "Studies":

Our submission system is constantly being expanded. At you will find calls for applications for current scholarships, contests, grants, mobility programs and much more. To use our submission system you have to register once (if you do not have access yet) - please use your address to identify yourself as a student. You can then log in with your access data and participate in any calls.