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Publication Birgit Jürgenssen Prize 2014-2023

Edited by: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport
ISBN: 978-3-901031-36-6

After the first anthology on the Birgit Jürgenssen Prize winners of the years 2003 - 2013, the synopsis of the prize winners of the years 2014 to 2023 is now published. In addition to forewords by State Secretary Andrea Mayer, Vice Rector Ingeborg Erhart, and jury member Peter Noever, there is a series of short texts by selected international authors on the works of the respective award winners Jennifer Mattes (2014), Daniela Grabosch (2015), Cana Bilir-Meier (2016), Johannes Gierlinger (2017), Viltė Bražiūnaitė (2018), Isabella Brunäcker (2019), Jannik Franzen (2020), Aykan Safoğlu (2021), Anca Benera (2022), and Hanna Kučera (2023). 

"The publication celebrating the 20th anniversary is a synopsis of the award winners from 2014 to 2023. The selected works of the artists united in this important anthology are convincing due to their willingness to experiment, both in terms of content and choice of media, interdisciplinarity and their critical approach to current social issues," says Vice Rector Ingeborg Erhart about the current publication.

As a teacher and as a member of various academic committees, Birgit Jürgenssen (1949-2003) had a special connection to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and played a decisive role in the development of the institution over decades. Birgit Jürgenssen initiated above all the teaching of photography, and this medium was a constant and very important companion to her own artistic language. Since the early 1980s, she was involved in the development of a cross-disciplinary working platform (intermediate painting/photography) within the framework of the Arnulf Rainer Master School and later the class of Peter Kogler, whereby interaction and contact with students remained a central concern of her teaching until her early death.

Authors: Michelle Koch, Anna Meinecke, Banu Karaca, Jan Müller, Jennifer Teets, Theodor Maier, Anette Hoffmann, Ulya Soley, Maja und Reuben Fowkes, Leonie Huber

Editorial coordinator: Daniela Jungmann-Masilko, Barbara Pflanzner

Translation: Mý Huê McGowran, Christopher Roth (Peter Noever, p.13 ), Alexandra Titze (Aykan Safoğlu, p. 133, Viltė Bražiūnaitė & Tomas Sinkevičius, p. 85)

German copy editor and proofreader: Daniela Jungmann-Masilko, Barbara Pflanzner

English copy editor and proofreader: Mý Huê McGowran

Design: Studio Beton

Print: Gerin Druck GmbH, Wolkersdorf