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The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is deeply concerned by the immeasurable escalation of violence in the Middle East.

We mourn for all the victims that the terrorist and unjustifiable attack of Hamas on the state of Israel and its population has caused and continues to cause.

We express our condolences to all the families and people whose relatives and friends were killed or injured in this inconceivable massacre. We demand the immediate release of all kidnapped people held hostage in Gaza and the observance of international law. Terror and killing do not solve conflicts and problems!

Just as the existence of the State of Israel and the right of Jews and the Palestinian population to live free of fear are beyond doubt, it is also clear to us that the spiral of violence must be broken. When terror, war and the murder of innocent people and the civilian population merge into one another, this expresses a failure of politics and therefore the task arises for us as a public educational institution to demand the way back to a willingness to talk. On all sides, we want to support those forces that strive for understanding and raise their voices for an end to violence.

Senate and Rectorate