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Towards an Intersectionalist Sociology of Art. Notes on a desideratum

Jens Kastner in Artis Observatio. Allgemeine Zeitschrift für Kunstsoziologie und Soziologie der Künste, Bd. 2 Nr. 1 (2023)

Although the question of effective social and cultural differences is constitutive for the sociology of art, according to the thesis of this text, an intersectionalist perspective that takes into account the multidimensionality of forms of exploitation, discrimination and marginalisation is still a desideratum in the German-speaking sociology of art. Firstly, this text explores the question of what it would mean to take an intersectionalist perspective within art sociological theory and research. Following Patricia Hill Collins, intersectionality is first introduced as a metaphor, as a heuristic instrument and as a paradigm, and then discussed in relation to questions in the sociology of art. Secondly, it is pointed out that intersectionality not only concerns the modes of description and analysis, but also implies a normative claim: An intersectionalist sociology of art must, according to the thesis here, be a critical sociology
of art.