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260,000 euros from the Academy Auction 2024

With the help of numerous donors - from very young, little-known artists to international stars - the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna supports students with the Mental Health Fund and Support Fund for particularly promising but socially disadvantaged students. A total of 110,000 euros will go to the associations tralalobe and solidarity matters, which work with refugees in Austria.

In its 10th year, the charity auction organized by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in cooperation with Dorotheum raised around 260,000 euros in donations. A large part of the amount goes to students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna who are exposed to difficult living and study conditions due to their nationality or psychological stress. The rest of the net proceeds will be distributed to the associations tralalobe (65,000 euros) and solidarity matters (45,000 euros). They support refugees quickly and easily with their integration in Austria, for example by providing sheltered housing, legal advice, German courses or finding training and jobs.

Many thanks to all donors and supporters of the Academy Auction 2024