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Impact Academy Residency in Genalguacil (Andalusia, Spain)

The first two artists to be selected for the residency from April to June 2024 by a jury consisting of representatives of the Pueblo Museo Genalguacil and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna are Irene Lucas and Patricio Sota.

The small village of Genalguacil (472 inhabitants) in the Andalusian mountains is fighting depopulation with art and culture. Therefore, thirty years ago an "Artist in Residence Programme" (Encuentros de Arte) was initiated by the local population. Years later, the Public Museo Genalguacil was built, to which the LAB Genalguacil is currently being added. A place that deals with topics such as "Rural Innovation" and "Impact of Arts". The focus is on artistic research activities, the involvement of communities and the development of interpersonal relationships through art, culture and nature.

The Impact Academy of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is now launching a new era in the design of residency programmes. Because beyond the classic understanding of a residency, people and projects from the Academy are involved in the development process and help shape the Genialguacil relationship space. As an experiment to meet the challenges of our time together with fun and clever solutions with artistic aspirations.

Irene Lucas is a visual artist, researcher at the Academy and founder of and art space toZOMIA. Her artistic practice combines methods of nature, art and playful education that have a local impact and at the same time reflect global contexts.

Patricio Sota is an artist and studies architecture at the Academy. His artistic understanding of architecture is fuelled by the idea of a mobile stove and initiates cooking performances and kitchen arrangements as social happenings around the idea of home.

In the course of the thirtieth anniversary of the museum in Genalguacil, several exhibitions and happenings will take place in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, such as a contribution to the New European Bauhaus Satellite Event in April in Genalguacil and a presentation of the cooperation in Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid together with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Madrid.

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