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Curatorial Fellowship | Kunsthalle Bremen

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The Kunsthalle Bremen is looking for a Curatorial Fellow as part of the Fellowship project "The Blind Spot. World trade, Art Patronage and Collection History in Colonial Times Based on the Kunsthalle Bremen". The task of the fellow will be to investigate the “blind spot” in the Bremen collection and prepare the findings for presentation in an exhibition. With respect to postcolonial theory, art historians have meanwhile developed methods for identifying concealed colonial and racist references in art. The aim is to initiate a debate on intercultural work at the museum and develop perspectives for the future presentation of the collection. Reflecting on colonial heritage can be an impulse for creatively encountering the current effects of globalisation and migration, as well as rethinking identity. The fellowship is planned as a full time position lasting for a duration on 18 month (starting with 1st April 2016).

Call for Application for Curatorial Fellowship | Kunsthalle Bremen

For further details see: Kulturstiftung des Bundes