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Künstlerstadt Kalbe | Scholarship | Summercampus 2016

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The summercampus in Kalbe (Germany) is a social sculpture. Art happened in new developed rooms, which makes cultural meetings possible. Empty or abandoned houses and flats coming back to life. They telling us stories. Kalbe itself will be formed new and becomes new meaning.

During the campus students of all genres get the chance to live and work for 2- 4 weeks into those disused flats. We invited art students from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands and South Korea. But all other nations are invited too. The students might choose date and duration of stay (2-4 weeks) in Kalbe. The day of arrival/departure is only possible on a monday, except at the start/end of the summercampus. The accommodations are self-catering

For further information see: Künstlerstadt Kalbe | Summercampus 2016