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Call for Abstracts | Symposium Division of Labour, Work, Knowledge, the Sensible, Spaces and Times

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Art Theory and Cultural Studies

The Symposium invites a group of participants (scholars, artists, activists) to discuss their papers in the workshops together with Alex Demirović, Marion von Osten, Kristin Ross and the Divisions working group.

When do divisions of sex and gender, head from hand, center and periphery, paid and unpaid work, accepted and disavowed knowledge, citizen and non-citizen, become a form of domination and control? And, on the other hand, when does a synthesis constitute an act of violence?

Is a counterhegemonic exchange possible between the fields of art, wage labour, politics and knowledge? Neoliberal imperatives of synergy and cooperation that demand that knowledge be economically viable, or that art function only as adornment or spectacle are not what we consider to be a valid critique of violent divisions and syntheses.

The symposium will aim to provide equal space to both scholarly and artistic contributions, and, taking inspiration from Plato’s Symposion (despite its male-dominance), will apply its spirit of convivial exchange and its praxis of a conversation without bystanders.

Call for Abstracts/Papers:

Possible perspectives for contributions could be: the idea, history and epistemology of division(s), such as dispossession (Athena Athanasiou, Judith Butler), the part of those who have no part and indisciplinarity (Rancière), division of labour, distribution, the dialectic of individuation and collectivization; or specific axes of division i.e. sexual, racial, operational, familial, disciplinary and aesthetic. Abstracts can draw upon theoretical approaches to the topic of divisions as well as specific case studies and art projects.

You find more on the Symposium here .

Abstracts: Pdf files of max. 300 words (artists can submit a 2-page project outline) and a C.V. (max. 50 words) can be sent until June 20th 2016 via e-mail to:

Languages: German and English

Confirmation of participation: July 5th, 2016

Deadline for submission of papers: August 31st 2016.
As all papers will be distributed among participants at the beginning of August only timely submissions can be accepted.

Length of papers: max. 35,000 characters (including spaces)
Presentation of artistic projects during the symposium: max. 30 min.
Financial support: 100€ for those travelling to Vienna

Divisions working group: Sofia Bempeza, Michael Klein, Jenny Kneis, Sissi Makovec, Ruth Sonderegger


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