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Call for Papers | Present Challenges of Gender Studies

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Deadline | abstract submission
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In September 2017 the first joint international conferenceof the associations of gender studies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will take place at the University of Cologne.

This call for papers invites abstracts to these central fields:

global inequality, regimes of escape and migration;
decentred feminisms and transnationalisation;
antifeminism, antigenderism, homophobia, racism;
heteronormativity, homonationalism;
production of knowledge, applications, power of knowledge;
transformations of capitalism andgender(re)arrangements;
feminist perspectives on religion and secularism;
discourses of human-/rights, normativity, emancipation;
media-and (techno)political strategies;
politics of representation, participation and identities;
intersectionality, diversity , queer;
incentives of present currents of thought.

A proposal should address one or more of these clusters or bring in further topics. You are invited to approach questions not mentioned in this call.

For further details see: University of Cologne | Call for Papers