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Call for Paper | 6th Annual Conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria "Cultures of Knowledge and Diversity. Positions, Diffractions, Participations"

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In an increasingly complex society, what are the epistemological bases of differing cultures of knowledge and scholarship? This is the central question of the Sixth Annual Conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria.

The Conference addresses knowledge as the basis of and resource for our coexistence and correspondingly questions what is considered a space of knowing or not knowing, and who determines this space. We will trace the hierarchies of knowledge and the processes of knowledge generation in connection with how Mignolo’s “geopolitics of knowledge” shapes the world. How does the concept of diversity and its attendant demands stand in relationship to this? How do categories of diversity determine inclusion and exclusion of actors, themes, and methodologies? How do they condition habits and practices of thought? And last but not least, how do they affect the (im)possibilities of forming relationships with one another?

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