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Irmgard Lettner and Ernst Lemberger scholarship for supporting final degrees

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Organisational Units

a cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Irmgard Lettner & Ernst Lemberger

Target group

Students of the Institute of Fine Arts (diploma studies Fine Arts, MA Critical Studies, PhD in Practice), who are in their last year of studying (preparing their final degrees) and who are socially disadvantaged will be supported. Applicants have to live and work in Vienna.


Fellowship holders get the possibility to live free of charge in a flat with atelier (size: 70 squaremeters; duration: 11 months from September 2018 until July 2019; location: 1020 Vienna, Karmeliterplatz 3). Accommodation facilities: Living room, bedroom (double bed), bath, atelier (full furnished and equipped). For keeping pets a special permit is needed. The kitchen is furnished with an electric cooker, freezer, the bath includes a washing machine. The house includes a terrace and a garden, which can be co-used by the fellowship holder. There is also the possibility to park a bicycle.

Past fellows: Annamaria Tatu (2017/18), Veronika Eberhart (2016/17), Anastasyia Yarovenko (2015/16), Daniela Zeilinger (2014/15)

Awarding conditions

The following documents have to be submitted:

- short description of project (max. 1,5 pages)

- digital portfolio of the artist including CV, contact details and matriculation number

- letter of motivation

- narrative proof which demonstrates social disadvantage

- a statement by the thesis advisor why the person should be supported

- students from third country nations (non-EU members) have to demonstrate a legal permit to stay

The jury consists of four professors of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as one external artist or curator.

Deadline 05 March 2018, 10 am

Your submission ( one PDF file with a maximum size of 3 MB, file name: “Name_Surname_LettnerLemberger”) has to be sent to the following address:
For further information please contact Christine Rogi.

The fellowship holder will be disclosed at the graduation day in June 2018. An official confirmation to get the scholarship will be forwarded beforehand. The presence at the annunciation of the scholarship is required.