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Scholarship – 6th International Winter Campus "Adventure-Land 2019"

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Künstlerstadt Kalbe is a social sculpture, where art takes place in newly developed spaces that make cultural encounters possible. For the "Wintercampus" scholarships are given to art students of all study courses.

In the period from 25.02.-24.03.2018, the sixth annual Winter Camp will take place in a very little part of Kalbe, in Vienau. This lovely village offers you all the peace and quiet you need to follow your creative ideas – since it has less than 100 inhabitants and the next train station or motorway is about 15 kilometres away. Enjoy the inspiration that arises from this secluded but unique enviroment!

Students of all art forms (visual arts, music, literature, dance, theater, media and others) have the opportunity for 2 weeks up to 4 weeks to live and work in the Kuenstlerstadt. Only costs of material and meals need to be paid, as well as a contribution of 10, - € payable per week. The apartments are fully equipped for living and decorated in a simple style.

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