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AK Wien | Antonio Gramsci Award for critical research in migration society

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With the “Antonio Gramsci Award for Critical Research in Migration Society” the Vienna Chamber of Labour acknowledges PhD theses exploring the conditions in migration society as relations of power with regard to the fields of employment, distribution of income and wealth, education, and/or subjectivity, and substantially contribute to a further development of critical concepts in the explicit or implicit tradition of Gramsci.

The award is endowed with 5,000 (five thousand) Euros.

The doctoral procedure has to have been completed no longer than two years ago.

Applications have to be submitted by 30. June each year, including the following documents: PhD thesis, a summary of the thesis, a letter of recommendation by at least one university teacher, and a commentary by the applicant on the awardworthiness of the dissertation (not exceeding two pages).

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