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Femina Politica | Black Feminisms (working title)

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Femina Politica is a feminist journal which supports scientific work of women* within and outside of academia. Qualified abstracts by women* and non-binary people with multiple marginalised identities will be given priority in this issue.

Black feminist theories and activism are not limited to certain regions or places, but rather a result of transnational movements, shared struggles, imaginations and visions beyond ‘the West’. Moreover, the relationship between theory and political practice within Black feminism should be considered relational and intertwined: Knowledge and insights that result from political movements and activism undoubtedly influence, challenge and expand the production of theories in the field. Similarly, established theories complement the analyses of day-to-day political conflicts and struggles. Black feminist theories therefore bear immense potential for practical emancipatory transformations of society.

Despite these invaluable insights and contributions, Black feminist archives, theories, reflections and  analyses are still marginalised and hardly acknowledged within the academic landscapes of German-speaking  countries. Only recently and very slowly have terms and paradigms of intersectionality, ‘triple oppression’, post-and decolonial feminist perspectives permeated feminist theories and discourses in German-speaking countries, albeit   oftentimes in fragmented, incomplete or depoliticised ways. Abolitionist perspectives and critiques of racialised gendered capitalism, afro-pessimist theories, womanism, Black queer theories, Black feminist geographies, transformative and reproductive justice, and theories of fugitivity and creolisisation are hardly ever acknowledged in this academic sphere.

This special issue aims to intervene into and substitute these gaps of knowledge, by presenting and accrediting the themes, debates, positions, interventions, struggles and movements across the broad spectrum of Black feminist theories of the global African diaspora (i.e. African  Feminism, Womanisms, Afro-Braziliantheories and activism, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Turkishfeminist theories), in order to discuss these topics in the context of transnational dimensions of Black feminist theories.

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