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Konrad Lorenz Institute | ClimArtLab

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The Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research in Klosterneuburg and the think tank artEC/Oindustry are embarking in an interdisciplinary collaboration that mobilizes the arts and the sciences to contribute to regenerative and transformative approaches to the evolution of life on earth.

In a 2-phases workshop we will bring together perspectives from evolutionary and sustainability sciences and from the arts. First, we will engage with differences and similarities of their approaches to sustainability challenges as messes and wicked problems and to ideas of change, evolution, and transformation. Learning from each other, we will explore tangible and intangible, locutionary and illocutionary, constative and performative aspects of art-science relationships. This will imply knowledge production, terminologies, tensions within complexity discourses and differences in approaches to solution-oriented action.

Our explorations will serve as the basis for the second phase of the workshop: the co-design of the general structure for experimental art-science interventions with society. The latter will be co-created by artists and scientists in the following months. We will consciously integrate the responsible material use, consumption and waste-management in our art-science practices. Our experiments will be exhibited and tested with societal participation in June 2021.

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