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Kunstmuseum Reutlingen | Wanted: Woodcuts

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Support for artists during the coronavirus pandemic through acquisitions and exhibitions

Recent months have been difficult for artists and cultural institutions around the world—a time of rethinking, reorientation, existential uncertainty and involuntary withdrawal from public life. The coronavirus pandemic has deprived museums, art galleries and exhibition venues of visitors and revenue. It has also had a tremendous impact on working conditions for people in the creative community, many of whom have had limited access to materials and suffered severe financial shortfalls as important projects were postponed or cancelled.

Founded in 1989, Kunstmuseum Reutlingen is one of southwest Germany’s largest municipal institutions for modern and contemporary art. Two centrally-located venues—the half-timbered Spendhaus building and the Wandel-Hallen, a former factory—show changing exhibitions of woodcut and relief prints, concrete- and global art on a total 2,400 m 2 of floor space. The museum houses significant collections of prints and a prestigious collection of concrete art. Presentations of work by emerging and established contemporary artists feature at the museum’s spacious gallery in the Wandel-Hallen. Kunstmuseum Reutlingen is a vibrant, deeply committed cultural institution that is firmly anchored in the social life of the city of Reutlingen. Woodcuts and prints have been a key focus of the collection since its founding. The museum is also home to the offices of the woodcutters’ association XYLON Deutschland e.V.

This call for entries is extended to international artists who work in the medium of woodcut. The museum will purchase at least ten woodcuts for 800 euros (net price) each and will exhibit the selected works at Kunstmuseum Reutlingen in 2021. This call aims to both support artists that have been severely affected by the crisis and to expand the museum’s collection in difficult economic times.

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