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TKI open 21_ausbaden

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TKI open 21 is looking for artistic and cultural projects that tackle "fallout" in the widest sense.

Since March we are finding out how life can change in one fell swoop. Suddenly what was unthinkable becomes possible. No flying to spare the climate? Difficult. Giving up the luxury of global capitalism? Better not. With COVID-19 everything changes (for now):  reduced to the "bare necessities", airports and industry almost at standstill, emissions falling. We refocus – at least temporarily and superficially – on solidarity and responsibility, save resources through virtuality. Corona means a sustainability hiatus of the kind the climate crisis should have been long ago. But the social and political fallout of both crises is deficient, short-sighted and produces exclusions. What now?

Art and culture are predestined places of playful, but also stringent negotiating. They can re-evaluate what is no longer obvious or undisputed. They can discover and invent what we need for the best possible future.

TKI open 21 is looking for artistic and cultural projects that tackle "fallout" in the widest sense.Projects that may make us aware that we are all in this together. What we (had to) fall out of and why. Projects could explore new strategies of living together and try out coping with the consequences. Set playful impulses against wasteful and exploitative forms of living or for a sustainable society. Make a splash, come into the flow and let alternative action spring up.

TKI open 21 has a total of 100.000 euros of funding available from the federal administration of Tyrol.

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