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VALIE EXPORT Center | 1 Junior Fellowship for PhD student

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The VALIE EXPORT Center at the Linz University of the Arts is offering a Junior Fellowship for doctoral students.

The dissertation project  must meet the following requirements:

Within the framework of the research complexes that will occupy the VALIE EXPORT Center in the coming years, forms of the performative, performance, and conservation (in museums, in the theater, in public space) are to be explored based on VALIE EXPORT's work and practice. Ongoing research focuses on: Curatorial forms of displaying archives, documentation, conservation, and performance practices of the performative.

The fellow is expected to engage with the archival holdings located at the Center, so on-site work with archival materials is continuously necessary. The research can be focused on the work of VALIE EXPORT herself or on the field of performative/medial practices in general.

For more information please contact Katrin Petroschkat via .