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Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna | Digital Humanities

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This call for proposals is intended to fund projects having Vienna-related topics which use artificial intelligence and contribute to the methodological and technological enhancement and the obtaining of new research findings in the area of the digital humanities.

In recent years a vast number of new tools and methods have developed in modern information technology, in particular in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), such as data mining, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks, etc., which have a great potential for new research approaches in the digital humanities, social sciences and cultural studies (HCS), i.e. the digital humanities (DH).

The call addresses scientists/academics in the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies who (further) develop and/or apply methods and tools of artificial intelligence to work on their research question.

Its principal aim is to fund research projects pursuing experimental approaches of AI by making the new tools and methods useable for their purposes and/or by adapting them to their needs and enhancing them, and at the same time being open to interdisciplinary exchange.

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