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Cost Action Worck | Coercion and Wage Labour. Exploring Labour Relations Through History and Art

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For the forthcoming publication, art scholars and researchers from the artistic field are invited to submit proposals that address historical and contemporary forms of coercion in remunerated labour relations, both on a content and theoretical level.

Coercion in work is a universal human experience that can be found in manifold forms of labour relations, both contemporary and historical. The analysis of coercive mechanisms in labour relations draws on various disciplinary approaches, mediums and tools.

We are currently in the process of developing the forthcoming publication "Coercion and Wage Labour: Exploring Labour Relations Through History and Art" that is associated with the research network "Worlds of Related Coercions in Work" (COST Action WORCK). The publication addresses the relation between wage labour organisation and coercive production in multiple geographical regions and historical contexts. It explicitly challenges the conceptualisation of wage labour as a form of free labour. Beyond the binary of free and remunerated vs. unfree and non-remunerated labour, it analyses moments and logics of coercion within labour relations mediated by remuneration (of all kinds) and/or contracts (of all kinds).

The publication will include three elements: academic contributions by anthropologists and historians, illustrations directly related to the academic contributions and contributions from the fields of art theory and artistic research.

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