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FWF | Elise Richter PEEK 2021

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The Elise Richter PEEK programme has been conceived as a specific funding measure for women in arts-based research.

This funding programme aims to:

  • support excellently qualified researchers in all fields of artistic research in their academic career development (generally by becoming affiliated with a particular institution),
  • enable female researchers to attain a level of qualification that allows them to apply for professorial positions within Austria or abroad (the “Habilitation” or equivalent),
  • encourage women to embark on university careers and thereby increase the proportion of female lecturers and professors.


  • to support the academic career of highly qualified female arts-based researchers and to enhance their university career
  • after completion of the program a level of qualification should be accomplished which enables participants to apply for a local or abroad professorship. ("Habilitation" or equal qualification)


  • a minimum of 2 years of arts-based research experience in Austria or abroad
  • international arts-based research publications
  • preparatory work related to the proposed research project
  • no age limit
  • different to the application for an Elise Richter-position a completed PhD is not a requirement


12 to 48 months


  • personnel costs of 75,890.00 € per year
  • project specific costs up to 15,000.00 € per year


via the FWF’s electronic application portal ( elane ).

Further information: