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Kunstarkaden München | arkadenale. got something to say about europe

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Since 2015 a theme-specific exhibition – arkadenale – has been held in the Kunstarkaden every two years.
This year everything revolves around the theme of the European Union.


In the municipal art space "Kunstarkaden", Sparkassenstraße 3, Munich
As a forum for artistic experimentation, as a platform for contemporary art, and as a place for dialogically
conceived projects the Kunstarkaden support young Munich-based artists with different cultural backgrounds
in group exhibitions. The artworks are staged and presented in interaction with the spatial conditions of the
The Kunstarkaden additionally promote the artists with publications about the exhibitions and thus ensure a
lasting impression.


Got something to say about Europe?
According to Greek legend, Zeus, who had transformed himself into a bull, abducted a Phoenician princess to
the island of Crete. There she gave birth to three children and the continent where they lived got her name:
Often, when people talk about "Europe", they are actually talking about the "European Union". This fact alone
suggests that this subject area is highly complex. Political and economic interests give rise to an entity that is
not exactly easy to comprehend.
After World War II, several states formed an alliance that has expanded over the years. The primary goals
were the preservation of peace and the promotion of the economy. With the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, the
foundation of the European Union was signed. Today, the EU has 27 member states. Human dignity, freedom,
democracy, equality, the rule of law, and human rights are values on which the EU is founded.
But what is the EU to you? From your artistic perspective?
For the exhibition 27 artists are invited to the Kunstarkaden to artistically express their thoughts and ideas on
this topic. Each artist will be represented with one artwork.


Opening: October 5, 2021
Duration: until December 18, 2021


Artists from the European Union


Please send your application documents consisting of a short CV and concept + idea sketch on the topic of
"European Union" (max. 2 DIN-A4 pages, PDF) via e-mail to by May 21, 2021.

Further information: