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Postcard Competition for Rundgang 2021

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The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna invites students of the Academy to submit drafts for postcards for the alternative Rundgang 2021. Regular enrolled students from all institutes are eligible for participation. Submissions from teams are expressly encouraged.

Due to the corona pandemic things "go smoothly" all year round, a postcard edition will be published to advertise the activities (such as providing study information as well as presentation of the institutes and departments) that otherwise take place in January during the Rundgang. This postcard edition is intended to support the digital communication of the event program.


Participation is possible for both individuals and groups . No more than four drafts may be submitted per person or team .

Submissions must contain press-ready, one or multicolor designs in a JPG format . (The winner postcards can be requested as tif for printing, for the jury as a preview, submission as JPG is sufficient.)

With their entry, participants confirm that they are the sole holders of any and all rights to their design. They also agree that the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna may publish, with authorship credit, their submitted entries in printed and digital form with an Academy logo placed on the design. Participants agree that the submissions may be published.

Application period: February 8th, 2021 to March 8th, 2021 (11.00 a. m.)

You have to submit either up to 4 individual postcards or a 4-part postcard series!

  • Format: printable JPG
  • File name: Name_First name_Rundgang_Postcards

Up to four separate submissions are possible per person or team. If you hand in a postcard series you can upload up to four jpgs in one submission form.

The submissions must be uploaded via the Academy's submission system !


The jury will select a series of four postcards from all submissions. It is possible to put together a series of four individual designs as well as to select a series that has been submitted by one person.
The selected postcards will be used to advertise the Rundgang and will each be awarded with EUR 250,- .


The winning entries will be selected by a jury. The jury members are Vice-Rector Ingeborg Erhart, Veronika Dirnhofer (IBK), Philip Patkowitsch (IBK), Claudia Kaiser und Linda Klösel (Public Relations).

The decision of the jury will be announced in mid-March 2021. Starting in April, the selected design will be put up on postcards and handed digitally.

For further information please contact the Vice Rectorate for Art | Teaching, Mag. Daniela Jungmann-Masilko .