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Ruukuu | Making Artistic Research Public

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Please submit your proposals via Research Catalogue. Please indicate in the submission whether and how your exposition might involve an on-site extension.

Making something public is intrinsic to art making and artistic research. This issue of RUUKKU focuses on how art's publicity relates to artistic research.

What kind of publishing artistic research needs, in order to generate something new? What is the effect of published artworks on their immediate surroundings, neighbourhoods or environments? What relevance have the changes and traces published artworks leave in public space? How can we bring forth artistic research in its diversity and variety? How can artistic research be made public?

To display a work in public means often to leave behind a singular piece or event in order to proceed further with the work. This could also mean that development on one theme ceases and another begins. Clearly the occasion of publishing initiates reflection on how the work was received and leads to new approaches for proceeding with the research. Art and artistic research are not only made for the public; they are also informed by their own publicity.

To what extent does making something public presuppose making it identifiable? Does this something have to be named? Does addressing the public always take the form of production? Are there alternative experimental or experiential ways of relating to matters of publicity?  Could they be more relevant to publishing Artistic Research than declaring products (artworks, articles, etc.) as outcomes of research or end results of processes? Could publishing be seen as a live model, a prototype for learning processes that develop a relationship with the public?

This thematic issue of RUUKKU anticipates the Artistic Research Network (EARN) – event with exhibition, talks and happenings taking place in Helsinki in the autumn of 2022.  Being connected to this live event and exhibition, Making Artistic Research Public RUUKKU issue gives the opportunity to artist-researchers to share their thoughts on publishing through on-site extensions of the expositions.

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