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Call for Contributions: University of Western Australia | The Arts in Society

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Proposals can be submitted for the conference in June 2021 on "Voices from the Edge: Negotiating the Local in the Global".

Traditional sites of artistic production, consumption, and display are continuing to be contested by waves of digital media, culture, and commerce. These forms of contestation are causing re-arrangements, giving rise to new art forms, media, and venues: from digital spaces, to galleries, to the street. While there may be an ever-present monocultural form of globalization that flows through these digital nodes and their algorithmic logics, there is also an opportunity to project "localisms" on a scale never before seen. These localisms are a countervailing opportunity from the "edges of the world" to project voices into the center. In the current political and ecological context, diverse perspectives will be critical to address the crisis facing our planetary existence. With our Special Focus in 2021, we want to consider how cultural institutions, such as museums and galleries, play a role in the larger projects of community formation, nation-building, and global politics, and how artistic production interprets these cultural flows and responds to these new institutionalized spaces?

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