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FWF | doc.funds.connect: Cooperative Doctoral Education Between Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities

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The FWF has started the second call for applications in the doc.funds.connect-programme.

The main objective of the doc.funds.connect programme is to fund excellent education and training of doctoral candidates as part of a cooperative doctoral programme by universities according to University Act 2002 (UG) and universities of applied sciences (FHStG). Applications must be submitted jointly by the participating partners, consisting of at least one university of applied sciences and at least one university. For a period of up to four years a consortium of at least five researchers can apply for establishing or facilitating a joint structured doctoral programme based on international standards. Each participating institution will contribute its specific expertise and provide the basic funding, i.e., the necessary infrastructure, and the incorporation of the programme into the institution.

The submission deadline is on March 1, 2022, 2:00 pm.

For more information, please see .