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FWF and NKFIH | Joint Projects Hungary and Austria 2022

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As part of the agreement between FWF and the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH), there is now once again the opportunity to submit bilateral research projects (joint projects).

Hungary is an important partner country for the Austrian scientific community, and this cooperation has met with great interest. In last year’s FWF-NKFIH call, seven new Austrian-Hungarian research projects from various fields of basic research were approved for funding.

In the course of the joint bilateral research project, a clear added value should result from the cooperation between Austria and Hungary. Both sides are expected to make a significant scientific/scholarly contribution. Researchers should submit proposals for joint projects only if the respective project parts are closely interlinked, so that one part cannot be carried out without the others.

The current call is addressed to researchers from all disciplines, including clinical research. The application process, evaluation, and funding of the respective project parts is carried out separately by FWF and NKFIH according to the respective applicable national rules. Projects can only receive funding if they have been approved by both participating funding agencies.

The call is open to proposals from all fields of basic research, and the submission deadline is 10 March 2022 (date of postmark).

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