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Nordic Journal of Artistic Research | VIS Issue #8

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Open Call
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For VIS issue 8, our proposed theme is Of Rules and Alternatives . Editors: Serge von Arx and Eliot Moleba.

Human existence is based on rules. Our striving in sciences aims at understanding the principles and rules of our existence in relationship to our surroundings. Additionally, one of our primary social and cultural activity is to set rules, to organize coexistence and exchange. However, any first step in establishing or following a rule bears as much the momentum of its very rejection, and that tension in between becomes one of the principal sources for the arts.

We are interested in artistic practices that are exploring and/or questioning the artistic possibilities that lie within (and beyond) the liminal space between rules and alternatives, be they cultural, scientific, social, or political, to unravel and propose ideas and insights that will meet the needs, desires, or challenges of our times.

To apply for the open call: create, design and submit an exposition (in draft) using the Research Catalogue (RC). You need to register a full account in RC. On the RC, click ”create exposition” and use the help offered in RC-guides, tutorials and RC-support. Submit your exposition to the VIS Portal Page in RC (in the menu, choose “Submit for publication” and then choose the portal “VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research”, confirm by “Submit”).

You should consider your “exposition-draft” as only a proposal. You can leave notes within the draft that explain further developments and ideas. If your proposal is chosen by the Editorial Committee, you will be invited to further develop it into a complete exposition. The submitted full exposition will be peer-reviewed. You will have about 4-5 months for further development, editing and peer-reviewing before publication in VIS Journal.

The Editorial Committee selects seven contributions to each issue of VIS.

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