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VIS Issue 8 | Of Rules and Alternatives

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VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research is a digital open access journal presenting artistic research, with a special emphasis on the Nordic region.

In this issue of VIS, which is organized as a dialogic editorial endeavor, we seek expositions that situate themselves between a claim of breaking with the rules and the establishments of new orders, work which thereby amalgamate or reject the very concept of this dichotomy by operating in the liminal field (or limbo) in between. How does this ambiguity manifest in your work? Why does this liminal space materialise in your work, and what strategies – conceptual or concrete – do you use to navigate it? Do you plan for it, or is it something that emerged through the process? What boundaries is your work pushing or permeating, and vice versa?

We are interested in artistic practices that are exploring and/or questioning the artistic possibilities that lie within (and beyond) the liminal space between rules and alternatives, be they aesthetic, cultural, scientific, social, or political, to unravel and propose ideas and insights that will meet the needs, desires, or challenges of our times.

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