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FWF | 1000 Ideas 2024

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Due Date
Tu 16.1.2024
14 h

The 1000 Ideas program funds completely new, high-risk, or particularly original research ideas that go beyond our current scientific understanding. 

This funding program is aimed at researchers from all disciplines.

The program’s goal is to encourage risk-taking, foster creativity, and facilitate the development of novel, innovative research areas. It focuses on original, high-risk, or transformative early-stage research that due to unconventional design, lack of validation data, and/or associated high risks may be too premature to have a very good chance of being funded through existing programs.

Funding period and funding amount:

  • 6 to 24 months
  • € 50,000 to € 175,000
  • The principal investigator’s own salary can only be financed up to 50%; doctoral candidate positions are not eligible for funding

Further information: