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London Institute of Social Studies | Research Methodology Conference (RMC 2023)

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Call for Abstracts
Due Date
Mo 3.4.2023

The London Institute of Social Studies invites you to submit an abstract to the Research Methodology Conference (RMC 2023) that will be held in partnership with Birkbeck University of London and Coventry University’s Centre for Global Learning (GLEA) on the 16th June 2023.

In recent years, the discussion around decolonisation of the university and of the curriculum has become increasingly widespread, following the "Rhodes Must Fall" and "Fees Must Fall" protests in South Africa, and the "Why is my curriculum white?" and "Why isn’t my professor black?" movements in the UK. The call to decolonise universities and to radically alter educational landscapes to reflect experiences and knowledge emanating from the global south is a crucial intervention in reframing issues of justice and equity in favour of global majority peoples in higher education.

The question remains how in practical terms will these interventions shape how research is conducted, evaluated and published. What methods and methodologies will move the dial from reformist managerialism to liberation and transformation? This conference provides a space for new and emerging researchers to envisage how the decolonial turn provides them with an opportunity to think anew about their research and its potential impact on higher education processes and practices. The conference will be a space to critically think about methods and methodologies that take us beyond the traditional educational spaces and which envisage new synergies between academy and community.

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