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Open Call of the Academy | Learning-on-the-Job grant

Extra Label
Due Date
Tu 12.12.2023
11 h

The Learning-on-the-Job scholarship offers dissertation supervisors the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for doctoral/Ph.D. candidates.

Funding for

  • Doctoral/Ph.D. candidates who are involved in organizational, coordinating or administrative processes within the framework of a scientific or artistic research project (conference organization, publication, etc.) at the Academy
  • NO FUNDING for projects that exclusively cover the work of the doctoral/Ph.D. candidates
  • NO FUNDING for activities to support teaching, in the narrower and the broader sense

The scholarship holders are involved in organizational, coordinating or administrative activities as part of a project or an activity at the Academy. The scholarship is intended to enable the doctoral/Ph.D. candidates to gain practical experience and to get to know processes in connection with the organization of a conference, the publication of a book, the planning, and holding of a workshop, etc., and to acquire additional competencies in addition to the academic qualifications.

Applicants are the doctoral/Ph.D. supervisors who apply for a scholarship for a doctoral/Ph.D. candidate for a planned activity/project.


  • Applicant is the doctoral/Ph.D. supervisor
  • The scholarship holder is enrolled in as regular doctoral or PhD candidate in a doctoral/Ph.D. degree program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at least in the third semester
  • The scholarship is limited to one time during the entire duration of the doctoral studies /Ph.D. studies.
  • The application must be submitted before the start of the project. Subsequent, incomplete and not timely submitted applications cannot be considered

Amount of the Funding

The funding amount per Learning-on-the-Job scholarship is usually € 750,-- in exceptional cases, depending on the duration and scope of the activity up to a maximum of € 1.500,-- can be awarded.

The grant is paid out as a scholarship. Any donations from third parties must be announced immediately. ATTENTION: Parallel fundings are excluded!


There are two deadlines per year. Deadlines always end at 11 am on the given day.

Deadlines 2023: Tuesday 06th June 2023 and Tuesday 12th December 2023 (ongoing)

Submission is possible via our Submission System only.