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VIS | Play, come what may

Extra Label
Open Call
Due Date
Fr 9.6.2023

The call for VIS issue 11 is open until 9 June 2023. The theme is "Play, come what may". Editors are Cecilia Roos and Gunhild Mathea Husvik-Olaussen.

Truth is a constantly changing variable. In a time characterized by information overload and intensity, the familiar can become destabilized, mutated, shifted, and reformed. In displacement between what was and what is to come lies a potential where the real and the imagined intertwine. A place where unknown contours of space, time, and matter can take immediate form only to dissolve and be inverted in new calibrations.

How do we relate to the term reality? How do you, as an artistic researcher, work around concepts such as truth, falsity, origin, and imitation in a time of steadily changing flux? What role can manipulation play as a processual tool in artistic research?

Can we unburden our self-censorship by using doubt and purposelessness as methods and material and/or theme during a research process? Simply allowing for the loss of control, for getting lost. Since some things might be easier done than said, actualized rather than conceptualized, we are curious about research projects that push experimentation as the protagonist. In that process, how do the remains, the leftovers, the debris of experimentations diffract as relevant material? As what might come to matter?

Displace, disorient, and play, come what may.

For VIS#11 we look for work that artistically challenges our understanding of reality, truth, and origin as method, material, and/or theme.

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