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  • Open Call of the Academy | Short term grants abroad

    The scholarship for a short-term stay abroad for doctoral/Ph.D. candidates supports stays abroad for e.g. research, field research, archival research, interviews, which are necessary for the dissertation or the Ph.D. project. Stays abroad are funded for a minimum of two to a maximum of eight weeks.

    Deadline 13.6.2023, 11 h

  • Open Call of the Academy | Academy | Art | Public Sphere 2023

    Call for proposals for a temporary artistic project at Schillerplatz in the context of the new event series for public debate culture for implementation on Tuesday, 3.10.2023.

    Deadline 13.6.2023, 11 h

  • Academy | Publication Series 2024 for text-based publications

    The Rectorate is now opening the call for submissions for new, text-based volumes of the publication series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The call is aimed at employees (including project staff) and students of the Academy.

    Call for Proposals 13.7.2023, 11 h

  • SWIP Austria Symposium | Call for abstracts

    The SWIP symposium will take place from November 10-11, 2023 in Vienna in cooperation with the mdw –University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Symposium theme: Listening to each other: Art, Queer Feminism and Philosophy

    Deadline 31.8.2023

  • OeAD | Marietta Blau Fellowship

    The Marietta Blau Grant offers financial support for six- to twelve-month study periods abroad for doctoral or PhD students of Austrian universities. It serves to optimise their dissertations. Junior researchers are the main target group.

    Deadline 1.9.2023

  • EU | Creative Europe Culture

    Outlook for Calls for Proposals Creative Europe Culture.

    Deadline 31.12.2023

  • IFK | Junior Fellowship

    Junior Fellowships for doctoral candidates with Austrian citizenship or non-Austrian doctoral candidates supervised at Austrian universities.

    Deadline 28.1.2024

  • Open Call of the Academy | Dissertation projects on the Academy's website

    We would like to give doctoral and Ph.D. candidates and their dissertation projects space on the Academy website as well and present information about them in a separate section of the Center for Doctoral Studies. We, therefore, ask all doctoral and Ph.D. candidates with an approved dissertation agreement who would like to be visible as doctoral or Ph.D. candidates on the academy website to fill out the application form and upload the required documents.

    There is no submission deadline

  • Open Call of the Academy | Travel Allowances for doctoral resp. Ph.D. candidates at the Academy

    Regular students of all doctoral studies and the Ph.D.-in-Practice-Program of the Academy can apply for travel allowances for participations in international conferences as well as for the presentation of art projects.

    There is no submission deadline

  • Open Call of the Academy | Conference fees refund for Ph.D. Candidates of the Academy

    Due to Covid-19 the Center for Doctoral Studies supports regular doctoral students of the Academy in presenting dissertation/Ph.D. project results at digital conferences and symposia or in the presentation of art projects with a refund of conference fees.

    There is no submission deadline