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  • BMBWF and BMEIA | Stanford University - Distinguished Visiting Austrian Chair 2025-2027

    The Stanford University Distinguished Visiting Austrian Chair Professor is a gift from the Republic of Austria to Stanford University and was established in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States. The proceeds of this gift are dedicated to funding the Austrian Chair for a teaching and research stay at Stanford University for 6 months (January to June of an academic year).

    Deadline 26.9.2022

  • Special Research Programmes Call 2022

    The well-established SFB programme supports researchers in Austria in the development of extremely productive, closely interconnected research establishments for long-term and multi-/interdisciplinary work on complex research topics.

    Call 30.9.2022, 14 h

  • FWF | Research Groups 2022

    Three to five outstanding female and male researchers can work together in a research group. The aim is to carry out research on complex, medium-term (up to five years) research questions that require cooperation between different areas of expertise and innovative research approaches.

    Deadline 30.9.2022, 14 h

  • Arbeiterkammer Wien | Antonio Gramsci Preis 2022

    Mit dem Antonio Gramsci Dissertationspreis für kritische Forschung in der Migrationsgesellschaft zeichnet die Arbeiterkammer Wien in Kooperation mit der Universität Bielefeld Dissertationsarbeiten aus, die migrationsgesellschaftliche Verhältnisse mit Bezug auf die Sektoren Erwerbstätigkeit, soziale Ungleichheit, Bildung und/oder Subjektivität als Herrschaftsverhältnisse untersuchen und einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Weiterentwicklung des direkt oder indirekt an Gramsci anschließenden Denkens der Kritik leisten.

    Call 30.9.2022

  • Journal for Artistic Research No. 30

    The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is an international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal that disseminates artistic research from all disciplines.

    Call for Expositions 30.9.2022

  • Climanosco | Entangled Forests

    This year’s call deals with the consequences climate change has on forests. Artworks of all styles, artistic, artivist and activist initiatives, art and science collaborations, and everything in between are welcome.

    Call 30.9.2022

  • Asifa Austria | Best Austrian Animation

    Im Rahmen des Best Austrian Animation Festivals von 28.11. – 3.12.2022 findet im Wiener Filmcasino zum 12. Mal der Best Austrian Animation Wettbewerb statt.

    Deadline 1.10.2022

  • SAR Conference 2023 | Too Early/Too Late

    The 14th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research takes place from April 19 to 22, 2023, hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU, on-site in Trondheim. Artistic research projects can submit their proposals for presentations in two formats. Furthermore there is an open call for peer reviewers.

    Call for Contributions 2.10.2022, 13 h

  • WWTF | Empirical Social Sciences 2022

    The WWTF launches the call "Quantitative Data Research", a pilot call in the field of Empirical Social Sciences.

    Deadline for Short Proposals 6.10.2022, 14 h

  • City of Brühl | Max Ernst Scholarship 2023

    The Max Ernst Scholarship of the City of Brühl, endowed with 10,000 euros, is awarded every year. All artists who have not yet reached the age of 36 on 2 April of the respective year of application and are still in training at an art academy, art college or comparable institution are eligible to participate.

    Deadline 7.10.2022

  • Otto Mauer Fonds | Msgr. Otto Mauer-Prize for Fine Arts

    Information on this prize is available in German only. Please see our German post.


  • Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft | Caring Communities for Future

    Scientific staff at Austrian research institutions as well as non-profit organisations that pursue a scientific purpose or cooperate with scientists within the framework of the project can apply for the project call within the framework of the new Open Innovation in Science Impact Lab "Caring Communities for Future". The call is aimed at transdisciplinary research projects.

    Deadline 14.10.2022

  • Emanuel and Sofie Fohn-Stipendium 2022

    The Emanuel and Sofie-Fohn Scholarship Foundation is once again offering scholarships totaling 20.000 Euro for highly talented students and graduates from Austria and South Tyrol and for Italians whose native language is German.

    Deadline 17.10.2022, 11 h

  • Cost | Open Call 2022

    Participants are invited to submit COST Action proposals contributing to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal knowledge advancement and development of Europe. Multi- and interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.

    Deadline 20.10.2022, 12 h

  • Wolf Foundation | Nomination for the 2023 Wolf Prize

    The Wolf Prizes in the sciences and the arts are awarded annually since 1978 to outstanding scientists and artists for their achievements for the benefit of humanity and brotherly relations among people, regardless of nationality, race, color, religion, gender, or political views. To date, 365 scientists and artists from all over the world have been awarded the prestigious Wolf Prize.

    Submission deadline 24.10.2022, 22 h

  • Horizon Europe | ERC Starting Grants 2023

    Are you a talented early-career scientist who has already produced excellent supervised work, is ready to work independently and shows potential to be a research leader? The ERC Starting Grant could be for you.

    Deadline 25.10.2022, 17 h

  • Exhibit | Exhibition projects from fall 2023

    As of now, the Vice Rector’s Office for Art | Teaching of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is accepting proposals for exhibition projects to be presented in the Exhibit Galerie at Schillerplatz 3 starting from fall 2023. The call addresses persons both outside and inside the Academy.

    Call for Proposals 28.10.2022, 11 h

  • ÖAW | Doc-team 2022

    With the Doc-team funding programme, the Austrian Academy of Sciences puts together teams of 3 to 4 doctoral candidates from the humanities and the social and cultural sciences to develop interdisciplinary solutions to problems.

    Deadline 31.10.2022

  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2022/23

    The dissertation scholarship for the final phase aims to support doctoral students in the last phase of their dissertation until completion.

    Deadline 7.11.2022, 11 h

  • Horizon Europe | ERC Synergy Grants 2023

    The call is open to a group of two to maximum four Principal Investigators (PIs) – of which one will be designated as the corresponding PI (cPI) – working together and bringing different skills and resources to tackle ambitious research problems.

    Deadline 8.11.2022, 17 h