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Graduates' Conference 2013

Organisational Units
Location Description
Sitzungssaal, EG, EA1

At the Graduates' Conference, doctoral candidates and PhD-in-practice candidates present results and/or aspects of their doctoral work. They are moderated by supervisors from distant but related disciplinary areas. The declared aim of the conference is the increased visibility of doctoral research results and the lively exchange between all disciplines and departments present at the Academy.


Andrea B. Braidt
Vice-Rector for Art | Research

10 a.m.
Michael Karassowitsch
Technic and the Realm of Praxis for Presencing Architecture
Moderation: Anette Baldauf
Presentation in English | Abstract + Bio

11 a.m.
Ana Hoffner
Historicity and Queer memory in artistic research methodology
Moderation: Simone Bader
Presentation in English | Abstract + Bio

Nika Autor
Memory notes of (in)visible and (un)audiable histories of Ex-Yugoslav space. What image can we imagine?
Moderation: Elisabeth von Samsonow
Presentation in English | Abstract + Bio

2 p.m.
Elske Rosenfeld
She turns her head, she lifts the pen. A vocabulary of revolutionary gestures.
Moderation: Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
Presentation in English | Abstract + Bio

3 p.m.
Ines Kleesattel
Das Als-Ob der Kunst zwischen Kritik und Utopie (Adorno und Rancière)
Moderation: Christian Kravagna
Presentation in German | Abstract + Bio

4 p.m.
The End. Hands-on Techniques for the Completion Stage of the Dissertation
A shop talk with: Ruth Sonderegger (supervisor, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna),Daniela Pillgrab (alumni of the University of Vienna's Initiativcollege "Sinne, Technik, Inszenierung"), Susi Krautgartner (alumni, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)
Chair : Gabrielle Cram (doctoral candidate, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)

For childcare (children older than 2) during the Graduates' Conference, please contact Tanja Moser at the Kindergarten of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: .