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]a[ Research Day #3

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Online (Zoom)

The ]a[ Research Day #3 presents the range of current research activities at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, gives insights into specific projects and their results, and encourages collegial discussions. The Research Day focuses on presentations of research projects in advanced stages.

We cordially invite you to this day of research at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna!

Please register until 09.11.2020 via .

From today's point of view, the ]a[ Research Day will take place online. All participants will receive the link to the event a few days before the conference.

Language: English

Abstracts (PDF)


10.00 | Opening
Johan F. Hartle, Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Michaela Glanz, Art | Research | Support

Panel 1

Panel Chair | Jelena Petrović

10.10 | From Oblivion to Memory
Marina Gržinić, Sophie Uitz

10.50 | Nothing Changed, Hitze Takes Command

11.30 | Reflecting Desires – Creating Digital Artistic Material for Media and Sex Education
Georg Oberlechner, Marion Thuswald

12.10 | Lunch Break

Panel 2

Panel Chair | Katharina Steidl

13.00 | Terraces of Memories
Anamarija Batista, Antonia Dika, Goran Škofić

13.40 | The Development of Conservation in the Years 1945-2000 in Austria: Tacit Knowledge and Disciplinary Professionalisation
Catherine Bouvier, Magdalena Schindler, Sigrid Eyb-Green, Wolfgang Baatz

14.20 | The Dissident Goddesses' Network. Building New Architectures of Knowledge and Art
Elisabeth von Samsonow

15.00 | Coffee Break

Panel 3

Panel Chair | Elisabeth Sobieczky

15.30 | Development of New Methods and Analytical Strategies which Benefit the Exploration of Written Heritage
Federica Cappa, Wilfried Vetter

16.10 | Fashion Knowledge – Intermediate Results
Elke Gaugele, Monica Titton

16.50 | Dust and Data – A Status Report
Niko Wahl