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Open Knowledge Maps - Visual Discovery of Scientific Knowledge

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How can Open Knowledge Maps help your research process? In this online workshop, Peter Kraker and Michela Vignoli will explain the concept of Open Knowledge Maps and show you how to use it efficiently.

Open Knowledge Maps is a visual tool that works like a search engine, but presents results via a cluster of bubbles in a so-called  knowledge map. Zooming into the bubbles allows you to access research papers in a much faster and more efficient way. Instead of having to scroll through endless lists of search engines or library databases, Open Knowledge Maps allow you to get an instant overview of your field. Open Knowledge Maps draws on 150+ million research outputs, it is easy to use,  open source and free of charge. For researchers and students who would like to streamline their research process, this is the perfect tool.

Join us at the online workshop to learn more about Open Knowledge Maps: 19 th May 2020, 1 pm – 2 pm.

Please register for the workshop by sending an email to

Please include your name, your language preference (German or English), and a short sentence about your expectations and interests what concerns literature research and discovery.